The Calculus of Civilian Casualties

Surely, anyone who is not deeply disturbed by the reports of mass deaths of Palestinian civilians, particularly children, lacks a moral conscience. As someone who supports Israel’s basic existential right to defend itself, I struggle to reason through all the reports of civilian bloodshed. I am speaking specifically about Palestinian civilians. Regardless of how many […]

Propping Up a Failed Enterprise

This process of Creative Destruction is the essential fact about capitalism. — Joseph Schumpeter Yesterday, Julia, my 18-month-old, was playing with Megablocks®. She just reached a phase where she builds — as opposed to destroying — simple structures with her toys. I wanted to play with her, giving her minimal guidance and help so she […]

Some Parting K-mers

After 12 years, today is my last day as a professional bioinformatician1. I’m not leaving because I’m fed up. I’ve just been lured away by an amazing new engineering opportunity in the financial sector. Over my bioinformatics career, I’ve been involved in various large-scale projects, small studies, and everything in between. I’ve taken on more […]

Coffee Is the New Black

(Older version of this post on CarboLog) For the last five months I’ve been experimenting with variations of slow-carb dieting, having read several books on the subject. But if coffee were restricted from such a diet, I would not could not do it. One of the key principles of the Slow Carb Diet is no […]

Wag the Economy Dog

Headline from the NYTimes: “Tuesday’s Wall St. Slide Adds to Concerns About Economies.” Shouldn’t a headline read, “Concerns About Economies Add to Wall St. Slide?” Ah, the psychology of crowds. Geoff Gannon, as always, has an insightful comment on yesterday’s tumble.