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Hi. My name is Naomi Mikhli. I'm new to this whole web thing, so you'll just have to bear with me. In fact, I'm new to this whole world so I'm just trying to take baby steps. But here's what I know so far.

I was born on March 24, 2005, at around 4:23 AM (details are a bit blurry, guys), to ima Vivi and tatty Izzy. My ima is a very caring and courageous person. She went through a lot to get me to where I am today. My tatty is loving and funny. He makes me smile and laugh. I couldn't ask for better parents.

Supposedly, I'm surrounded by a huge, loving family. There's Saba Misha, Savta Marina, Zeidy Leiby, and Babi Shania. I hope they don't spoil me too much. Good luck, grandparents. I'm too cute! What can I do, I can't help it.

Then there's all the aunts and uncles. I already forgot some of their names. There's Mimi Esty, who I supposedly resemble. She's adorable. There's Feter Moti, who's going to get me an aunt named Lizzy really soon. Then I have these guys down in Texas. There's Aunt Stacey and Uncle Gingi, but I don't know his real name. I hope I don't get a Southern drawl because of 'em.

I'm generally happy, I have to say. Nothing to complain about so far. I have a great big family who loves me. You'd be happy too if all you had to do all day is eat, sleep, get cuddled, and be oogled over.